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A Day of Almosts

Like many avid cyclists dad was up at the crack of dawn to go out for a final bike ride with one of our amazing friends. On this ride The day of almosts began. In the middle of a roundabout dad was closely greeted by a very careless commuter. This driver [Read entire story]

ANGKOR WAT What can l say

'Breathtaking' is not an over statement when attempting to describe Angkor Wat. In fact there are not enough words to describe the gobsmacking magnificence of Angkor Wat all its surrounding temples. When the French naturalist Henri Mouhot first discovered it [Read entire story]

The Krispy Kreme Doughnut Dilemma

Desert Ship Territory Log Day 15. I awoke to a beautiful view of the Back Stairs Passage which was like a mill pond and an overcast but rainless sky. Typical for the day we have to leave after 3 full days torrential rain but the world has bigger problems today [Read entire story]

Sibiu Romania last stop

We are of to Subiu for the last days in Romania. It was founded in the 1100. The large square as it is now was shaped in the 14th century. And some 15th century buildings are still looking beautiful. Here is also the Brukenthal palace museum. It shows [Read entire story]

Melaka and Kuching

Melaka is a lovely little town about 1 hour south of KL but you should only visit on the weekend Every Friday Saturday and Sunday they have a fantastic night market luckily we turned up on a Saturday so we got to enjoy the market twice and then watch on Monday [Read entire story]

Life During Ramadan

It has been a while since I've written anything but such is the life here. All work and no play I won't finish that sentence because I'm actually watching a creepy show by myself in the dark.... Anyway. Just a quick breakdown of what has been happening.Work [Read entire story]


Holla Its Lauren here I will probably be doing most of the blog writing with Hannah's input basically whatever witty remarks she pipes up when I'm typing. Here's a lovely little run down of our first day and night in Bangkok or FNOB as some witty creatures I [Read entire story]

Jakarta and Yogyakarta

After a short one night stay again in KL it was time to leave Malaysia and head to a new country. This time we took a flight to Jakarta Indonesia where we would stay for two nights before making our way over land and water to end up in Bali. The first thing to [Read entire story]

Ao Nang Thailand July 2014

Only a 1.5 hour flight from Singapore and we could immediately feel the relaxed vibe of Thailand We were picked up from the airport by the Holiday Inn and that lovely feeling that everything was sorted and we didnt have to do anything fell over us. He took [Read entire story]

Mount Bromo

is one of Indonesia's biggest tourist attractions and one of the most awkward places on earth to get to After leaving Yogya we took another train this time to Surubaya we had seats in business class this time though less padding on seats and less ac than [Read entire story]

Opinion: Want the perfect travel soundtrack? All you need is an album and an open road

Opinion: Want the perfect travel soundtrack? All you need is an album and an open road

Listening to the radio last week, I was transported to a mountain road in Andalucía. No, it wasn’t Narnia-esque magic a song had come on that perfectly connected me with my June holiday, instantly making me nostalgic for jasmine-scented air and white [Read entire story]

#LPCelebrazil: week 5

#LPCelebrazil: week 5

And so we have it: the FIFA World Cup 2014 is over. There were record-breaking goals, shocking defeats and an endless supply of caipirinhas. Our author on the ground Kevin Raub was there to document the highs and lows of the tournament that had the world [Read entire story]

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