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Safety essentials so you can enjoy the great outdoors

(BPT) - The great outdoors begs to be explored this summer. From week-long camping trips to spending an afternoon at the park with the kids, there's so much to see and do during the warm weather months that it may be hard to choose where to start.If you're [Read entire story]

Conquer summer road trips with a kid-friendly, entertainment checklist

(BPT) - Summer road trips can be tough. From the Cleavers to the Kardashians, being stuck in a crowded car for hours can be hard for any family - and while vacations are fun, surviving the trip is easier said than done. This year, as you haul the family on [Read entire story]

Keep your car cool on the road this summer

(BPT) - Summer temperatures can be notoriously hard on your car. Whether it's a summer road trip or your daily commute to work, you could potentially find yourself stranded on the side of the road with an overheated engine or driving with no air conditioning. [Read entire story]

Packing for your summer trip: wardrobe essentials

(BPT) - Summer vacation is here and with it, the frustration of packing a suitcase to cover a trip's worth of activities. But with careful planning and reuse of key items, it's easy to look fashionable no matter where your travels take you.'First of all, don't [Read entire story]

Keeping your eyes (and tires) on the road

(BPT) - Have you ever thought about all of the distractions associated with driving? Weather, kids, pets, eating, cell phones, billboards, the radio and even a friend riding shotgun all compete for the driver's ever-shrinking attention span.Some distractions [Read entire story]

Top of the cheapest and the most expensive cities in the world for city breaks

TripAdvisor, the most important travel website in the world, announced the results of the study TripIndex Cities, which were designed based on the more expensive and the cheapest holiday destinations of city-break in 2014. Cities TripIndex study took [Read entire story]

The road to a stress-free vacation is as easy as 1-2-3

(BPT) - Following what was known as the 'Polar Vortex' for millions of Americans, the summer travel season is finally here. This year will be the second highest traveled year since 2000, with the vast majority of people - more than 80 percent - traveling by [Read entire story]

Seeing the USA? Summer travel that includes unique hardwood hotspots

(BPT) - Finalizing your summer travel plans? Thinking outside the box to find destinations that combine history, architecture and nature can make travel that much more memorable.Whether it's a leisurely road trip through the Keystone State or an action-packed [Read entire story]

Prevent theft from being the story of your vacation with these security tips

(BPT) - Your school days are finished and that summer vacation is within your sights. This year you've planned the trip down to the last detail and made all of the final arrangements, but even if you've given your destination extensive thought, you may not [Read entire story]

Smart ideas to get your car running, and looking, its best before your next road trip

(BPT) - Are you a self-proclaimed road warrior who loves when other drivers do a double take to admire your well-cared-for car? Do you like to make others envious of your engine's soft purr, your car's immaculate finish, manicured curves and polished accents? [Read entire story]

What happens when camping and glamour collide?

(BPT) - You love the great outdoors, you really do but you were somehow gifted with that sweet blood mosquitoes crave. Not only that but your body simply doesn't do well sleeping on the ground and, let's be honest, it takes no small amount of lighter fluid and [Read entire story]

How to say goodbye to work worries while on vacation

(BPT) - Summer has just begun and that long-awaited vacation is on the horizon. Unfortunately, it can quickly pass you by and before you know it, that precious vacation time has been wasted due to inadequate trip planning or a basic inability to [Read entire story]